192.168 ll Router Access

If you have landed on this web page, you are probably looking for an IP address if your primary router on your home network. 192.168.l.l is a special IP address, that sits justs on your private network, or home network in case of personal routers. There are many companies developing routers, and every one of them can have a different standard IP address.However, most of them have standard username ,,admin" and password as well, sometimes the passwords can match the brand of your router. If you are stuck when setting your router, you can do one of these things:

  1. Try to type into your browser URL directly, instead of putting it to search engine - then you will open your router login web page directly. Or, click on this link to be directed to your router address directly.
  2. If you have done this above, and you still do not see login webpage of your router, try different addresses:, and so on, until you find your router IP address.
  3. If none of the above works, try to find a manual of your router, where it is directly written what is your IP address of the router
  4. If you find the address and it is still not responding, go to router and press reset button - so all your settings will be deleted and you can at least access your router at standard address 192.168.l.l. Do not forget you need to know your internet connection settings since you need to enter them again into your router WAN settings.

If you still cannot access your route, there may be another problem you probably are not able to solve alone:

Just for the case, we are providing links to the most used router brands and their direct support: